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How to Make a Nandroid Backup with TWRP Custom Recovery on the OnePlus 5

Taking a backup of your Android device is very important, especially when you tend to play around with your device such as installing a third-party ROM. If you install a custom ROM and something breaks in the installation process; you can lose all your data if you didn’t do a Nandroid backup.

As you probably know, Android doesn’t have a backup system like the users have for iOS, for example. The ADB backup method doesn’t backup data for every application and the new backup system for individual applications from Google is not of much help unless the developersadd the code to that specifical application.

For this reason, many users install a Custom Recovery that can help them make a Nandroid backup to their devices.

Among many features, the Nandroid backup solution is available in most Custom Recovery environments.

The Nandroid backup is a de-facto standard directory configuration for making perfect mirror backup image of an Android device. By making the Nandroid backup, you can save exactlyeverything, from your personal data to all the system files. So, you can save the operating system itself (making a copy of your stock or custom ROM will allow you to return to it if need it), your apps (including those installed by yourself), pictures, music, videos, messages, games and the progress that you made it in them, all wallpapers, all widgets, all login and account settings, all ringtones, all system settings, all stored passwords, including WiFi passwords and so on.

As the TWRP is the most used custom recovery, we will detail the steps to follow in order to make a Nandroid backup for your OnePlus 5 device, once you have installed this custom recovery on your device.

So, right after you have installed the TWRP as Custom Recovery on your OnePlus 5 smartphone, you can follow the steps from below to create your Nandroid backup.

How to Create Nandroid Backup for OnePlus 5

  1. Boot your OnePlus 5 into Recovery Mode
  2. In the TWRP main menu,tap on the Backup button found on the left side and select which partitions you want to backup. For a full backup, choose all the partitions that are available.
  3. Optional, you can provide backup a name that labels the ROM
  4. Also, you can choose if you want to compress or encrypt the backup
  5. Swipe the white arrows to the right and the backup process will begin.
  6. Wait until the backup process has been completed. The time it takes for this backup to be completed will depend on the data you have on your OnePlus 5 device.
  7. When it appears, tap the Reboot System button at the bottom.This will reboot your OnePlus 5 smartphone and take you back into the regular Android OS.
  8. Next, you can move that Nandroid backup onto your desktop computer if you want.

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