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Moto Z2 Force Review: Check out the Exciting Features

Motorola is back with a bang with another modular smartphone – the Moto Z2 Force. If by any chance you are obsessed with the modular concept – this phone is something you will want.  This new generation phone comes last in the category of module smartphones. Motorola is making an effort of investing in an ecosystem of things, and if you wish to play with these things, you definitely need a compatible phone.  Unless you are a fan of Motorola, the Moto Z2 Force will probably not be the first smartphone to consider. However, Motorola Z2 Force still has the potential to engage the audience in a special way. Let’s take a closer look:

Uninspired Design:Sitting just next to the stylish smartphones such as LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, Moto Z2 Force appears like any other smartphone. It is true that the design is not spectacular, it isn’t ugly either.  Apart from the uneven bezels, other aspects of the design offer better improvements compared to last year’s Z Force. The most noteworthy change in the Z2 Force’s design is that it is approximately a millimeter thinner than its forerunner. Additionally, the fingerprint sensor is much easier to touch and convenient to unlock. The release of Moto Z2 Force has, in fact, brought along some Moto Mod accessories that can turn out to be excellent for your mobile gaming experience.

Shatterproof Display: This is one enticing feature that Motorola Z2 Force can boast of. Its non-breakable 5.5-inch display has five layers of plastic to make sure that the glass cover remains intact. You can feel the plastic layers once you place your thumb on the front edges of the device. Though the display is shatterproof, it is easier to scratch it.

Small and Efficient Battery: When compared to last year’s Z Force which was integrated with massive 3,500 mAh battery, this year Motorola whittled away the battery with 2,730 mAh. However, this small battery is sufficient to provide power to the device for the entire day. Z2 Force, however, showed inconsistent results in standby. On one night, it consumed 3 percent battery, whereas the next night it burned down 30% battery.

Camera: Just like other smartphone manufacturers, Motorola has also decided to go with dual rear-facing cameras to achieve bokeh effects. With 12-megapixel black and white sensor and 12-megapixel color sensor, the Z2 Force’s depth-of-field mode definitely appears more appealing. Z2 Force’s rear cameras can also be used perfectly to shoot B&W mode. This results in a more convincing picture as compared to some random B&W filter in any third party app.

Hardware: The hardware of Moto Z2 Force features some of the latest elements such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor combined with 4GB RAM. The overseas version of Z2 Force features 6GB RAM and combines with 128GB of storage. There is, however, an extension slot for people who get to the point where they require more storage space.

Software: Motorola has always earned a reputation among customers for having a steady track record of staying at pace with its Android configurations. The user interface of Moto Z2 is simple and offers enormous space to carry out creative activities. Z2 Force’s Launcher is not flashy when compared to Google Pixel’s, however it is essentially stock Android without any extra flair.It is one of the cleanest software experiences you will find apart from OnePlus5 and Pixel.

Performance of the Device: Z2 Force is integrated with typical 2017 flagship specs. The smart phone is fluid and highly responsive with app loading time, effortless scrolling and multitasking experience. Checking emails, watching videos, and browsing the web all can provide an enjoyable smooth experience.

The fluidity and snappiness of this smartphone can be attributed to an ideal combination of Motorola’s stock experience and a fast processor. The true test of the phone will be on how the phone performs months down the road. However, at present, the phone operates without any stutters or slowdowns.

Is it Advisable to Buy It?

Well, the Moto Z2 Force doesn’t appear to be attractive at the first glance. However, you can always consider it as it is one of the last modular smartphones you can purchase. Though an entirely different concept, it still exists. You can choose to buy it if you are interested in a slimmer device with a brighter screen. Whether its modularity concept will survive another generation is a different question altogether.


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