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How To Move Apps To The SD Card From The Internal Storage Of Your Device

If you’ve a smartphone, managing storage is a big challenge. This is because these devices consume heavy amounts of data that sometimes leads to insufficient storage issues. While buying a new smartphone, a majority of buyers give top most priority to phone storage so that they can save large amounts of photos and videos without worrying about memory.

This is quite clear that there is no point in buying a phone with low storage as you’re likely to face storage problems in near future. Here it is important to understand the photos and videos eat up a huge amount of storage in any smartphone. Moreover, the operating system itself consumes a huge chunk of storage. The regular update is another worrying issue.

Though there are various new technologies available today such as cloud and massive sized memory settings, the most sought after option to deal with this situation is to buy a good quality SD card. However not every smartphone in the Android categorycomes with microSD support. After facing a bit of slowdown a few years back, microSD usage by OEMs has boosted considerably. Leading devices from LG, Samsung, and HTC all provide support, though phones such as the Pixel unfortunately not.

If you still face memory problems after mounting a SD card, you may choose to transfer your apps to SD card from internet storage. This would free up your internal storage. Let’s see how you can do this.

Move Apps to Your SD Card

  1. The first thing to do is to go to Settings. It is easier to find.
  2. Now, swipe down to your application manager and run it. Basis the make or model of your phone, the steps given here might be a bit different.
  3. Here you will see the complete list of your apps. Just choose the one you want, and it will show a screen with various options such as “Clear Cache” and “Force Stop”. Tap the one that mentions “Move to SD Card”, and you’re ready to go. It may go without saying, but you must have a compatible microSD card mounted for this option to show up.


While moving apps from your internet storage to SD card, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. The first and foremost is that not all devices are compatible to this functionality. You can access the apps through the application manager, but it will not display the “Move to SD Card” option.

The next one is that not all apps can be transferred to your SD card. This is especially true in case of apps that come pre-installed in your phone such as Google Chrome, YouTube, Messages, and more. In such cases, the “Move to SD Card” will be grayed out, and won’t respond. Finally, there are a few specific phones that can move part of an app to the SD card while keeping the rest on internal storage. While it doesn’t help quite as much as simply moving the entire app, something is always better than nothing.


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