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New Allo Update Sure to Delight Emoji Users

Google has been updating Allo since its launch for bettering user experience. Now, they have introduced a new feature in the app. This is likely to delight emoji users. Moreover, a new sticker pack is there as well to backJK Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ movie release. The latest update takes a good advantage of the popularity around the latest Harry Potter-franchise film. This is expected to make it even more popular among the users of messaging app and will help Google to snatch the market share from the existing market players.

Google has brought in a Smart Smiley button. While the button is tapped on by a user, Google Allo will read the message that is being typed and suggest emoji’s that are relevant to the words typed. The feature is already present in some keyboards that have built-in predictive text mechanism. However, thanks to Google’s take, the number of emoji suggested by Allo is higher than the usual three.

If that is not enough, Google’s button also presents stickers which enable users to express themselves better. For instance, if you are typing the work ‘fruit’, Allo will produce an array of fruit-related emoji or stickers. It may be apple, banana, or orange emoji.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ has the ability to cast spells via the Google Assistant. Post the new update, when anyone sends a message containing stickers from an uninstalled pack,they can tap on the sticker to download the pack instantly.The app also has the ability to change the chat theme. May users have been demanding itas they found the white background dull. You are free to choose between traditional single color wallpapers, or wallpapers with patterns or designs.

For now, the Smart Smiley button is limited to English, though Google is planning to introduce the app in other languages as well.

So what is impact on you? The purpose of this  Google opted to focus on the basics with Allo  and makes sure it comes out as a strong product in the messaging app market and some of the work is also visible now, but Allo still has to go a long way to emerge as a serious contender.


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