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A New Update In Google Maps To Show Traffic Situation

Google Maps is also updating and it has reached the version number up to 9.39. The latest update appears to be bit lighter compared to earlier updates. However, this is an important update. There is a new shortcut to jump directly into traffic screen. We have also got a link to pick up the APK.

Google gets real time traffic inputs from millions of phone moving worldwide and now it is in a position to create a fairly accurate image of the traffic condition. A few weeks ago, Google added a new notification to tell people about potential traffic problem on the road which links it to a screen with a map. The new version of map is even more handy and useful.

You can add shortcut on homescreen in two ways. Since it is located in the regular widget, there is no need to open the Maps in order to track it. If you reach at the traffic screen via notification, drag the card upward in order to add the shortcut.

The scale that shows popular times can be an easy way to figure out to go to a restaurant or movie, but you find it brimming with people. However, this is not perfectly reliable and can give misleading information in case of special events. Irrespective of that, it’s a great update.

So you must have enjoyed this update.

How To Download

The APK is signed by Google and upgrades the existing app. It is safe to install as guaranteed by cryptograpghic signature. To download the APK, click here: APK Mirror.


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