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Now Enjoy The Same App In Both Of Nougat’s Split-Screen Windows

Android 7.0 Nougat is truly fabulous due to its numerous high-end features purposefully built for the Android crusaders all across the world. Among them, there is one great feature known as split-screen mode – which is really wonderful. It is the latest in Android market since split-screen application on smartphones has never been prominent for Samsung or LG and even not all apps support multi-window mode yet. However, with Android Nougat, users can enjoy the extended functionality of their devices by switching to split-screen mode.
You may aware of this thing about the Android 7.0 Nougat update that when you enter split-screen mode with Chrome in one of the windows, there comes an option in the overflow menu known as ‘Move to other window’. This allows users to run two instances of Chrome in both multi-window panes. While this sounds wonderful, Chrome is the only app that works in both windows at the same time.

Parallel Windows for Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest app that takes multi-window features to the next level by enabling it for any app. If you’re fond of split-screen this could turn out to be really useful. For instance, in case copying text from one email into a compose email page, chatting with two friends simultaneously on WhatsApp, watching two videos or comparing information between two pages at the same time. If you would use Chrome, it would even more enticing.

Android users can choose to use this app in freeform windows mode which is typically not a regular part of Nougat but meant to do a lot more rather than dividing screen in two windows. Parallel Windows for Nougat also supports an on-screen shortcut for running split-screen mode using a floating menu that also provides easy access to a mini app drawer. Its Mirror function allows users place the same app in both windows instantaneously.

The app is still in alpha release and you may encounter some bugs and improper functioning of apps in split-screen mode. Keeping in mind that various apps haven’t been improved for API 24 yet, this is no big issue. You can expect to get improved performance from apps that are favorable to Nougat, but you might still encounter some crankiness.

Anyway, the app is absolutely free of cost and worth trying if you’re looking forward to do more with split-screen mode. To use Parallel Windows, you’ll need a device with Android 7.0. While you use it, don’t forget to check out Taskbar, an app that enables Nougat’s latent freeform windows mode and gives it a start menu and app tray. This makes it extremely practical and useful than earlier.


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