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Pixel Phone Users Report Bluetooth Vehicle Pairing Issues

Google has recently launched the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in this month and it has received rave reviews across the globe. The demand has exceeded the expectation of the company. However, as the users have started using it, the reports of glitches have started surfacing. Many Pixel phone users have claimed that they are facing trouble pairing their smartphone with in-car entertainment system.

Users have also reported the Bluetooth bug which is causing the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL to pair with many cars. Some of the times they are connected easily with car audio and in some cars they are not connected easily. Even if they are connected, connection is switched off.

Google is trying to reach out to aggrieved people who are facing such problems. The first issue was encountered at the time of Marshmallow software update, but the problem was fixed later. Even Nexus users faced similar kind of issues. Google will have to issue a major software bug fix to solve this problem permanently. Most of the problems have been reported by General Motors users.

The advantage with Pixel owners, however, is that they will not have to wait for OEM to avail the features of update and they can receive it directly from Google the moment they are ready to be fixed. Some Pixel users have been reported a lens flare issue which has been reported under certain lightening issue. This issue too has been acknowledged by Google.

Such issues have been reported in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users regarding the spotty Blutooth connectivity with their car system. iOS 10 was also blamed having this bug, and the latest iOS 10.1 release note has announced to improve in the Bluetooth connectivity with third party accessory.

Such frequent issues have irritated users of Pixel and Google will have to fix these issues in coming weeks.


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