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Problems in Nexus 6P and How to Fix Them

It’s time for Nexus series to say good bye as Pixel is here to welcome. If you’re already using a Nexus 6P, you could easily image how special this device could be in today’s times.

Due to its sturdy build and amazing design, this is still a hot favorite among many. Moreover, a smoother Android experience makes it one of the most demanding Android smartphones since its launch. But alike any other device, Nexus 6P is not all good but it also has some issues that make it difficult for users to deal with the same. Let’s know about them and their solutions.

Issue 1 – Auto Rotate Doesn’t Respond

Many users have complained about the auto-rotate feature of the Nexus 6P even after several settings they made. This issue happens across all apps, including when watching videos, playing games, or using the camera. Users who encountered this problem have found it to take place after a few weeks of usage, during which everything was working as usual.


  • A defect app might be causing this problem. To confirm, boot the device in Safe Mode and check if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, a recently-installed application is the main culprit behind. 
  • This problem could also arise due to an issue with accelerometer and G-sensor. Download an app from the Google Play Store like GPS & Status Toolbox and re-calibrate the sensors, and check if corrects the problem.

Issue 2 – Device Hanged on Do Not Disturb mode

Many users have reported that after setting their device on Do Not Disturb Mode for some reasons, they were unable to deactivate it. Even after several reboots, the problem was in no way to go.


  • According to Google, this is a software issue. Recent updates caused the problem in most cases.
  • If updating the device doesn’t rectify the problem, a temporary solution is there. Go to Settings -> Sound and Notification – Do Not Disturb – Automatic Rules, and setup a custom rule to start at some point in the pasta and terminate it few minutes ago you modify the settings.

Issue 3 – Silenced Voice, Poor Voice Quality

Poor voice quality has always remained a big problem with Nexus 6P devices. The main culprit is the sensitivity of the noise-cancelling microphone on the back of the device.


  • The problem is due to the software issue. According to Google, by updating its Android OS to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, users can say bid adieu to the problem.
  • As mentioned, this issue might be due to the noise-cancelling mic found on the back of the device below the camera unit; the solution to it is quite different. Many users have found that covering up the mic fixes the issue, while others have mentioned that the mic is covered, by a case or how you are holding the phone, is what is leading to the problem. When on a call, either uncover or cover the mic to see if it works.

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