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How to Quickly Send Your Position In Google Maps

There are many ways to share your location, but if you want to quickly send your location in Google Maps, Mountain View giant has introduced an easier way.

Google Maps, has not changed significantly in recent years, however, it benefited from a lot of updates.

There could be many circumstances when we need a quick solution for navigation and Google Maps is installed on our mobile devices ready to help.

For some time, Google Maps supports download for offline use, and if you want to send your location to someone, just a few gestures are needed.

Until now if you used Google Maps on your mobile device and wanted to quickly send your location or any point on the map, a click was enough somewhere on the screen, just  place a pin and choose to share it using the dedicated button.

Recently,  Google developers have introduced a new solution if you want to share your location on Google Maps with one or more friends. The new feature is called Plus Code, a reference to the ZIP code, and is present only in recent versions of the Google Maps application. As a result, it would be good to update it if you didn’t do it by now.

Steps to follow, for quickly sending your position in Google Maps:

  1. Using Google Maps on Android, navigate to the location you want to share and long press to place a pin (for greater precision, you can zoom).
  2. You will see appearing a number of details related to this pin. drag up the place mark pane to extend it and at the bottom of the screen, you will see a Plus code consists of numbers and letters that acts as a set of coordinates, although it is much easier to remember.
  3. Tap on the Plus Code to paste it into the clipboard.
  4. From there, transmit the Plus Code to your friends via SMS, or post it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. Your friends will have to paste the Plus Code in the search field of the Google Maps application to find the shared location.

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