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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6: Should You Upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy S7 has certainly created the right amount of hype for the company that it was seeking desperately. It has received a warm response across the globe. As per the latest data obtained from unofficial sources, the sale of Android Galaxy S7 has more than doubled in the European market and even in China, more than 10 million handsets have already been pre-ordered.

Considering the buzz it created, it’s by far the biggest Android smartphone launch of the year. This has created a confusing situation for S6 owners as they are in a fix whether they should go for the upgrade to get the advantage of S7 amazing new features. Here we have tried to answer in a simple manner.

Design and look

Without doubt Samsung Galaxy S7 Android smartphone is much better in look and design than its earlier version S6. It’s a truly premium design phone which can make its users proud. Unlike plastic cover, Samsung Galaxy S7 is a slick metallic phone like iPhone. The sim-tray has come to the top and buttons are slightly squared off.

Processing power

This time S7 has ditched the Qualacomm Snapdragon range of processors for own house-built Exynos processors. It seemed like a wise and timely move. It keeps you really cool while your fingers are busy playing games. It has a 4GB RAM which is 1 GB more than Android Galaxy S6. The Samsung KNOX service keeps your sensitive information safe and in encrypted form.


There is hardly any difference in the screen sizes of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6. Both of them come in the 5.1-inch version. This time Samsung S7 has come in quad-HD Super AMOLED display. S7 provides an amazing viewing angles and screen colors are also quite sharp.

Battery life

S6 was an amazing phone, but consumers complained about its poor battery power. Apart from that, it had 2550 mAh cell. Samsung S7 has better battery life of 3,000 mAh, and it’ll get you through the day.
The SD card and micro-USB

One of the best things about Galaxy S7 Android smartphone is that micro SD card has returned. It was the major reason people disliked the S6 version as microSD card was missing. However, many experts are not happy with the return of SD card.

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Camera feature is the USP of the Samsung S7 Android smartphone. Though, it has lost some of the minute details of the last version, but it more than compensates with the low light image option. It’s far superior to any other phone including iPhone.

Comparison Chart

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is a far superior Android Smartphone than S6. This does not mean that S6 is a bad phone, but S7 is something falls in a different league altogether. It gives a smooth fingerprint experience because of the Mashmallow 6.0 update this time. Apart from that, it’s water resistant. Considering all aspects, it’s worth to upgrade to S7 version from the earlier S6.


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