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Samsung Pay Now Supports USAA Issued Visa Cards

Samsung is in news for all bad reasons these days because of Note 7 disaster. There is, however, a good news for Samsung Pay users. The financial services company USAA has introduced Samsung Pay for their VISA debit and credit cards. The company already supports Apple Pay and Android Pay.

This is a remarkable development for the mobile payment platform having little support from financial institutions. The payment platform had been in news for security related loopholes which could have been exploited by hackers to steal credit card information. This, however, did not dampen interest of users in platform that registered 100 million transactions.

There are a couple of reasons that prompted USAA to accept the Samsung Pay platform and the biggest reason is the platform’s compatibility with all payment terminals and the ease factor that acts as a big facilitator.

Android Authority, a popular Android website writes: It should be noted that Samsung is pushing the update to Samsung Pay on the server side, meaning USAA members must wait for the update to arrive on their devices.

Earlier, most of the financial institutions were not very much keen on joining Samsung Pay because of the security reasons. Samsung has been able to make a comeback since then and have only become stronger. The company is still updating the server side security features and so it might take some time for users to avail this facility.


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