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SeatGuru On Android Available for Download

Seatguru Android download

If you frequently travel by plane then you heard about Seatguru service, this service helps you find the perfect place to stay on your next flight. An Android app is available now launched by this service so that you can get valuable information directly from your smartphone or tablet.

SeatGuru service allows you to get an interactive map of the plane in which You will fly, so you can sit on each site and get details about each chair separately, You will be able to find out if you have a power outlet or if is there extra leg room. Seatguru can provide information about the most uncomfortable places if these are close to the kitchen or bathroom.

The Seatguru service is available to over 100 companies worldwide flight and over 700 plane configuration. Seatguru is a free application, and it is available for download on Google Play Store does not cost anything to check where you’ll stay in your next flight.

Download SeatGuru app for Android

The main features for the Seatguru Android app are:

  • Seat Maps
  • Flight Status Tracker
  • Flight Search

With SeatGuru android application you can now search and buy the low airfares from low-cost carriers, there you can find online travel agencies, you also have access to the flight status alerts and notification for know when the fly arrive, if are delays or other notable flight information

You can access directly the site or you can access all these information from the SeatGuru android app for obtain travelers information what you need to be better and more informer about your next fly.


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