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U.S. Army Switching To Iphones Because Androids Freeze Up

The US Army’s Special Operation commands have recently generated an affinity for iPhones shunning their penchant for Android phones. Apple’s latest iPhone 6S will have the feature of Tactical Assault Kit to replace the Android Tactical Assault Kit of an unspecified Samsung phone.

The reason is android phones often freeze up in certain locations making the life difficult for soldiers. It needs to be restarted leading to a waste of time.

The app lag is also annoying for viewing live feeds from unnamed aerial systems. iPhone 6S, on the other hand has amazing performance with extremely clear graphics. As Daring Fireball’s John Gruber wrote: “Apple couldn’t write a better story themselves.”

It’s a bad news for Android lovers. It is not clear what model of Samsung phone has this problem. The news is surprising as Samsung has really made fast processors and increased the RAM amount in phone.

Though, this news does not pit two phones with each other, but certainly puts iPhone in a better stead.

It is to be noted that Apple’s iPhones and iPads and Samsung’s Knox-certified smartphones are approved for use by the U.S. Defense Department.


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