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7 Best Sandbox Games For Android

When it comes to have the best fun on Android, Sandbox games are known to have their own significance. They take enjoyment much beyond than linear gameplay mechanics and level design by allowing users to discover open worlds. The best part is the high level of interactivity which allows the same with the entire game space, play in your own way, and engage with the story if you wish to. Another reason why a large number of people are crazy about Sandbox games is because of their freedom. Let’s have a look at the best Sandbox games.

Block Story

In general, Block Story is very much like Minecraft but it is known to have a story. You will find the much familiar open-world concept where you could make things, fly on dragons, fight monsters, and solve quests to save the world. You could also choose to upgrade your character due to an in-built RPG element. Though it is an old Sandbox game, there is not a single dent in its popularity till now.


Launched recently in 2016, the game has become the talk of the town. In this game, you portray as an intergalactic who is lost on the planet. You need to fight with bad guys, build items, and build a home away from home. You could also come across a quest line where you can save the world while accessing all of the packages you lost. There is a charge of $4.99 to play it and there are no in-app purchases.

Gangster Vegas

It is typically a Grand Theft Auto game by Gameloft. This is another popular Sandbox game in the market. The scene is of Lag Vegas where you fight in MMA contests, carry out missions, and build up your own gang to take over Vegas.  It is free with in-app purchase and an average game that is worth playing.

Goat Simulator Series

The series is generally a collection of sandbox games that are found not to be too much serious. The gist of the game is that you play as a goat in a world where laws of physics are not available. It is a highly interactive game where you earn points in many ways by performing stunts, maneuvers, and tasks. You can choose from a set of four games, each with a different theme. The one bad thing about this game is that it doesn’t have any defined objective or story.


Seems interesting? In this open-world simulator, you generally act as God. You possess all the powers to support or oppose any civilization as per your preferences. This game is highly customizable and you can tweak it as per your own way. You could be good or bad for the society by showering love or hurling meteors. Godus is a highly interactive game and worth your time.


It is one of the highly popular sandbox games of all time. If you love the world beneath rocks, Minecraft is a game where you could choose to mine objects, create things, kill, and exhibit high levels of your creativity. Over a period of time, this game has attained huge popularity among players all across the world. Though its mobile version doesn’t contain all the features, but it is rapidly making its way towards success.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

For those who want to ride high on action, Oddworld offers a whole new world full of action. Get ready for a 20+ hour thrilling experience including towns, breathtaking landscapes, and industrial facilities that are worth exploring. It also features one of its kind FPS style game play that turns into a third-person platform when you’re not in combat. With fully customizable controls and other salient features, this game deserves your attention for sure.


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