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Yes You Can Download The Android 5.0 Lollipop Camera APK Now

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the much-awaited 3rd November, do you know why? This is the date when Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA would be rolled out for Nexus devices. But there is no point in waiting for people when they can get the new interface through one of the mirrored APKs. If you’re not worried about the associated risks, you can easily choose to download the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop camera.

Google has really worked hard on this version and did everything possible to give it a cleaner and captivating finish. And camera app was always a part of their efforts. The font has been stylized, little tweaks done on icons (for example, the button to switch from front to back), and new animations are included. These updates can easily be seen when you launch the app or focus on an object. The vibrant colored circles for each camera are truly captivating.

The speculation is that there is a lot of changes took place at the ground level, but there is no point in commenting at this stage. There is a lot needs to be tested and then only it would be feasible to give more precise information on changes.

It is quite easy to understand that the app isn’t finalized till now and speed issues can be expected particularly when dealing with HDR. For those who are encountering irritating bangs, the website on which the APK is available gives a few tools that might work for you. The app could also crash if you don’t have root access.

However, you can get the Android 5.0 camera APK here. Test it at your end and share your views on the same! What do you think? Are these changes and functional or mere aesthetical?


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