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Use Automated Health Tracking to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Life

Living a healthy life is everyone’s dream and what would be better than quantifying it in terms of self-movement. It’s basically to get knowledge about your mind and body with the help of data. You can do this by monitoring and checking your day to day routine which includes your vitals, workouts, your food, productivity and even your mood. But keeping that record is time taking and tiring if your approach is manual.

You have another option to use your smartphone and wearable devices to monitor your activities with their sensors and apps.

At the initial level, you don’t even need to download an app. iPhone 5s or higher version has a built-in intelligent step counter. You just need to open the health app and can monitor how many steps you’ve taken in a particular time period. Samsung is also providing similar features in its latest smartphones in the form of Health app for Xiaomi devices are equipped with Mi Fit app. If your Android device doesn’t have a built-in app for this, you can download Google Fit from play store. When you are comfortable with these features and want to go a step further, it’s time to start tracking more things about your life such as the places you visit, how much you walk or run.

You can also do this with Moves app does automatically. This app is available on both iOS and Android. It runs in the background and it uses the GPS technology to track your movement and then tags parts of your day to day activities as walking, cycling or transportation using its algorithms. Normally, it gives correct data but you can make it more accurate through settings.

Moves app is a good way to get a timeline view of your life without monitoring and taking notes for everything. However, there are also some issues with Moves. Sometimes, there may be an issue with the battery, especially if your smartphone does not have enough battery power and sometimes it just gets confused or interprets workouts between locations when they’re too close to each other.

Privacy is also a big issue with Moves app. This is mainly because of its acquisition by Facebook some time back that doesn’t have a good reputation for privacy. However, it doesn’t sync or backup any of your data until you create an account. Without that, all your data won’t be stored locally on Moves. Even after that, the app is worth downloading since it can provide valuable data about your lifestyle and integrates the same the app. For living a healthy life, it’s necessary to monitor your workout and your eating what you eat. There are many apps available for both things. However, it’s always easier to monitor workouts rather than diet. You can track your rides, jogging and even your sleep with these apps.


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