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Why You Would Love to You Install the Facebook’s New App For TV

Do you know that Facebook is going to launch a new app for Apple TV, Smart TVs, and Amazon Fire TV? With its strengthened focus on video content, Facebook believes that video is the present and the future and the world is embracing it like nothing else. And this is the most perfect time to expand its footprints. But there comes a question – Do we really need Facebook on your TV?

Many would suggest that you shouldn’t. And the foremost reason behind their rejection is not that they think it to be a bit out-dated. The reason is the Facebook’s relentless attempt to hike up its engagement figures and advertising earning as you would get to consume more and more of its video content on your TV. However, this is not a big issue as it is all business.

But if you think this added functionality of watching Facebook video would bring in more creativity and better experience to viewers, it’s actually not. But it would open new fortunes for content developers who can get to earn more.

To cater to its audience, Facebook would come up with new ways to present more & engaging content consistently. This move would harvest more opportunities for the social media platform to sell advertising space. So, get ready to experience better & engaging videos but also for the more video ads too.

Facebook claims that it has taken this step to help people watch three-minute videos anytime of the day. This is really great for those who don’t have too much time to watch videos.The ability to save videos for later on Facebook is already there and if we really want to watch them on the big screen we can do so using a Chromecast, and that too without aggressive advertising on it.

To achieve its foremost objective, Facebook would have to put in extra efforts on encouraging the audience to watch videos by presenting better content. As YouTube is already there, there is enough competition lies in this segment. There is no point in viewing the same content again & again.

In case of YouTube, the brand never forced itself into something watched on TV. It just happened naturally. However, in case of Facebook, the most crucial element is the creativity and entertainment. The sole objective of this project is to yield more money out of videos presented on a new and engaging platform.

If you’re ready to see those Facebook videos on your TV, get ready for that as the app would be here in next few weeks. However, there is already a range of solutions available in the market for the same purpose. If Facebook comes up with an app that can give enough competition to YouTube and takes along lesser number of ads, it would be definitely worth investing.

So, brace yourself up for an all new app that would make watching video a pleasurable experience.


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