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“Insufficient storage available” Error: How to fix It

You want to install new game or app into your smartphone and lots of space is available on your microSD card, still, you get message “Insufficient storage available” indicating internal memory of your phone is full. We are going to explain the reason for the same and also how to fix the problem.

Possible reason

Before offering a solution, let’s understand the reason behind the error. Whenever you download an app; it doesn’t store completely on microSD card. Some part of its data goes in the internal memory of your device. If you don’t have sufficient storage there; you would not be able to download the app even after having sufficient space in your external memory.

Insufficient RAM

Although most smartphones have surpassed the 1GB RAM standard, but still some low-end smartphones or old age smartphones have just 1 GB of RAM— or even less. That’s why when you download a heavy app, your phone becomes slow. It is advisable to keep track on the how much RAM your apps are consuming. This option is available in Settings and procedure is quite simple also. Another way to free up the RAM of your device is to close all processes running in the background. On the home screen, press the square button and all apps using RAM will appear. Close the apps consuming more space and it will speed up your phone considerably.

Insufficient storage space

Some smartphones don’t offer much space for downloading apps because their system itself acquires so much space and actually very little space is left. That means if your phone offers 16, 32 or 64 GB memory, you get much less space in reality. To keep maximum memory free without deleting anything, choose to move all transferable files to microSD card. You can also consider online storage like Google drive, Dropbox etc. and other music streaming services will help you enjoy music without storing music files. However, not all devices give you freedom to move your data to microSD card easily; but by rooting your device you can care of that. This can also be due to partition in the internal memory and reserved for the files that system requires to function smoothly.

It’s advisable not to mess up with this space since it can affect the performance of your smartphone later. You can also consider resetting your device to factory setting to boost up speed your phone and free up space also. However, you need to take a backup first as resetting will erase all you files and data.

You can choose any of the above methods to free space in your phone’s memory or RAM.


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