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For Android users all across the world, there is no dearth of fabulous Android apps and games to help them make the most out of their Android device. But it’s necessary to keep a check on the latest additions to the Play Store on a regular basis so that you don’t miss a good stuff. Here is the list of five best apps and games for your Android device that you must try. So, let’s begin

1# Custom Search Bar Widget

To make the most out of your Android Home Screen, you shouldn’t overlook this ubiquitous Google Search Bar. It’s free of cost. Though the design of the app has changed a lot over a period, it hardly makes any difference to the user experience. The app enables you to completely customize the look and working of your device’s search bar. You could choose to do a lot more than just a white strip on your Home screen.

2# Nuzzel

The app has been in the market for quite some time, but not many know about it. Nuzzel actually relies on your Twitter account to present the news. You could get to know what your friends are up to. A good and popular story that many of your friends are tweeting about will appear on the top. You can even receive notifications when multiple friends tweet about something.

3# Camera Roll

Images and videos also form the major part of any Android device and a large number of people look for an effective photo gallery app that doesn’t carry a plethora of useless features. This is what Camera Roll does. It just displays your folders and photos in a compact and engaging way. You can view the Exif-Data from your photos.

4# Tomb of the Mask

It’s typically an arcade game known to deliver some amazing retro vibes. The concept is to navigate through mazes by jumping from one wall to another. In between, you need to collect coins that you can use to buy shields and other stuff for an easy journey. There is a range of difficulties, traps, enemies, challenges, and powerups. You need to pass through the way to reach the end of the maze to proceed to the next level.

5# Gentleman Ninja

Consider yourself not just a ninja, but a gentleman ninja. You would be armed with colorful ninja swords that would allow you to defeat enemies of the matching color. For example, use the red sword to defeat red-colored enemies and same with the other colors. Use your mind to pick the color rapidly otherwise you’ll be captured by enemy ninjas.


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