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How to Install TWRP Recovery And Root the Sony Xperia XA Ultra With Supersu

The Android-powered devices are highly customizable and by unlocking it; you can have amazing features. If you own a Sony Xperia XA Ultra and want to power up your device, follow the tutorial from this post.

First, we need to install TWRP Recovery on the Sony Xperia XA Ultra smartphone and then flash SuperSu root exploit. Thus, if you want to learn how to successfully install the TWRP Recovery and easily root your device with the dedicated SuperSU package, make sure you read and follow all the below steps without skipping anyone.

You should know that gaining root access is an unofficial process through which you can tweak your smartphone. By tweaking, you can add custom kernels, remove bloatware, and install custom ROMs and custom MODs, overclock or undervolt CPU frequencies and more.These operations are not supported by Sony or by Google, your Sony Xperia XA Ultra warranty will be lost after doing this. So the choice is yours.

TWRP recovery is a software that allows you to establish a virtual connection with your devices’ Android core system. It has a touch-based interface and comes with useful features used in tweaking. Before installing it and flashing SuperSU for gaining root access, backup your Sony Xperia XA Ultra. The backup is essential because during these unofficial operations your files, data, info and accounts might be corrupted or wiped out. Therefore, save all your accounts, saved passwords, call logs, texts, contacts, images, videos and audio files, internet settings, calendar info, market apps, IMEI / NVRAM data and so on.

Pre- requisites

  • Use the steps from below only for the Sony Xperia XA Ultra device.
  • A computer or a notebook must be used in order to download and install the necessary files.
  • On your Sony Xperia XA Ultra smartphone you need to become a developer by activating the Developer Options, and for that tap, seven times repeatedly on the Build Number from Settings -> About phone. Next, check the USB Debugging option from Settings->Developer Options.
  • Unlock the bootloader of your device. Installing TWRP recovery and gaining root access is possible only if the bootloader on your Sony Xperia XA Ultra is unlocked.
  • On the computer, install your phone’s drivers and afterward install the Android SDK toolkit.
  • Make sure that your device has enough battery power; if the power is too low your device might get powered off in the middle of the tweaking process and various malfunctions might be caused.

How to Install TWRP recovery on your Sony Xperia XA Ultra device

1. Download on your computer the TWRP recovery file from here and save it on the desktop. Rename the TWRP recovery file into “recovery.img”.

2. Copy the recovery.img file inside the Android SDK folder.

3. Switch off your smartphone and when the switch off process is completed reboot bootloader mode on your handset by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power keys.

4. Connect your smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.

5. On your computer go to the Android SDK folder and open a command window there by pressing and holding the Shift keyboard key and right clicking on any blank space.

6. In the command window enter: ‘fastboot flash recovery recovery.img’.

7. Wait until the TWRP recovery software is being installed on your smartphone and when done, in the command window enter: ‘fastboot reboot’.

8. Unplug the USB cable and then resume the steps from below for gaining the root access.

How to Flash SuperSU

1. Download from here on your computer the SuperSU root exploit for your Xperia XA Ultra and place the package on the desktop.

2. Power on your smartphone and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

3. Transfer from the computer and place the downloaded SuperSU file on your smartphone. When done, remove the USB cable.

4. Switch off your smartphone and reboot recovery mode on your Sony Xperia XA Ultra.

5. From TWRP recovery tap on Install.

6. Load the root file and swipe to begin the SuperSU flashing process.

7. When done, go back to the main menu of recovery and select ‘Reboot system now’

8. If you deal with a boot loop situation, return to recovery and make a wipe by selecting ‘wipe data factory reset’ and ‘wipe cache partition’; reboot in the end.

9. Now you should have root access on your Sony Xperia XA Ultra. You can confirm whether you managed to root your smartphone or not by downloading the Root Checker app.


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