Xiaomi Mi Mix Review: An Amazing Concept Smartphone

With the launch of Xiaomi Mi Mix, Xiaomi has recently shown the glimpse of a ‘concept phone’ which they call will be a phone of future where smartphones will be more like a slab of glass and the magic will be inside it. Though, this is not going to happen anytime soon, but this is what can we expect our phones in times to come.

Most people would be agree that smartphone designs have stagnated and even iPhone has been using the case design from three consecutive years. If you consider Samsung, the company has not changed its design since 2014. Even Google’s phone has not offered a significant design change in terms of smartphone design.

But Xiaomi Mi MIX raises the hope, let’s have a review of the phone.


Xiaomi has an excellent design and in order to make room for the huge display, it has moved many of its conventions of the smartphone around. To make the shell holding look appealing, the company made the large 6.4-inch phone utilize full ceramic for its material.

This has made the phone very shiny and very sleek, eye-catching, and really slippery. This phone was supposed to be all about display , but it can be broken because of its large size and slippery body.  There is also a premium leather case which is of highly premium quality.

It has plenty of changes in design changes that makes it recognizable from the sides and the back with power and volume buttons and rear elements of the camera and fingerprints readers. This phone comes up with a headphone jack up and USB–C port which is normally on the bottom is flanked by the microphone. Overall, this is a sleek and well-designed device and is is very hard to use comfortably in one hand.


The display quality of the phone is good but the IPS near bezel-less display has one problem, it has just a 1080p display which is technically 2040×1080, having an aspect ratio of 17:9. This is slightly wider than a video frame. The screen is 91.3% of the body which more than any other phone. The IPS screen is brighter even in daylight and it goes down to zero when it is off. So enjoying gaming and video is good on the phone.


The Xiaomi Mi MIX has Snapdragon 821 and 4/6GB of RAM depending on the version. So I would like to give credit to Xiaomi for putting higher capacities of RAM in their phones.


The higher RAM capability is supported by big addition of storage capability. The base model of MIX comes has 128GB of onboard storage which is considerable. If you go up to 6GB edition, the storage at 256GB. This is something that definitely needs to become more common in other phones as well. The main camera is a 16MP shooter while the front facing camera is a 5MP shooter below the screen this time.


It has a battery power of 4400mAh and it is charged 70% in 30 minutes and the device is fully charged in 2 and a half hour which is not bad considering its massive battery power.

Final thoughts

Overall it’s an impressive concept phone and does much better in design compared to many other phones existing recently. Had this phone been instead a 7 inch tablet by omitting the front facing camera, this would have been better.


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