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4 Google Photo Archive Tips That You Will Love to Use

Google has been dabbling into photo archiving for a long time but it did come substantially only in 2015 when it introduce the feature first time. Now it is possible to take the back up of all photos and the image can be printed in the photo books. This has become possible because of increased machine learning feature which enables you to do some really cool things with your images. Here is what you get to do with your Google photos:


  • Naming People


Face detection is one of the most powerful features of the Google photo tool. Now it can group some photos together which commonly appear in your photos. You can even attach names to those photos. To do that open your search screen, and search for the most common faces routinely appearing in the photo archive. You will get a series of thumbnails of all common faces appearing in the archive. Now select “ Who is this?” for adding a private level.


  • Selecting the Photos Quickly


Google photos allow you to select multiple photos without tedious tapping. Thus it makes the process tad easier. So you can do that by simply long-pressing and dragging up and down. Photos can be selected easily. It is also possible to remove an individual photo of your choice. This is very good for bulk actions while sharing, creating albums or while clearing undesired photos.  


  • Sharing Libraries


Share your library is the most recent addition to Google photo which demonstrates its machine learning capability. It is possible to share the entire library with other person. There are numerous options to make it more useful and targeted.

However, you need to decide which of contacts you want to choose for the purpose of sharing.  After you pick a recipient, it will ask you to specify your sharing parameters. “All photos,” is the default setting, but you can customize your choice of photos and people. You can also set a date from which photos will be shared.  Your chosen recipient will get instant access to matching photos.


  • Sharing Links


After you share a photo, it pops up in the standard Android share menu. There is a special hidden option, tap ‘Create Link’ and an album is instantly created to be shared with another people.  This link is copied to your clipboard to be sent to any app. Only those people having access to the link will be able to see it. Your links will be reflected alongside the regular album. Tap on the link and use Menu > Delete. This is also where you can add more images to your shared link, if you so choose.

These are some of the features of Google photos that you should use. We will keep sharing different tips and tricks, so keep reading our posts. We would love if you could share your tips with us.


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