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Google Maps – Tips and Tricks

In recent times, Google Maps has become the most sought after mobile app due to its ease of use and vital role in saving people’s precious time, energy and efforts. One can find any location on the planet in no time. From nearby restaurants to fuel stations, police stations, and hospitals, finding those things was never so easy.

Since its inception, it has received lots of updates that only resulted in enhancing its stability, precision and efficiency. However, if you wish to make the most out of Google Maps, this article would let you know some amazing tips and tricks about the app that would surely enhance your app experience. Let’s start.

  • Locate famous places in cities

If you’ve ever used Google Maps, you might have noticed bright beige/orange highlighted areas in the app. For those who don’t have any clue about them let me clear that they refer to popular places in the city. In some cases, these areas may include shops, restaurants and bars. This makes it easier for people to filter out areas that are worth seeing.

  • Become a local guide

Are you new to a city and want to experience it perfectly? No worry as Google Maps could be your best partner in exploring the city like nothing else. From opening timings to reviews and visitor’s photos, Google Maps provides you all necessary information about any given place. This information is not only fed by Google but also by its thousands of users worldwide. Google counts on its various volunteers and have developed a Local Guide program to promote and reward involved users.

  • Explore your timeline

By enabling the location services enabled on your Google Maps app, you can easily take a look at your recent movements. To do this, check out “Explore your timeline” feature which shows where you’ve been and the images you captured at given location.

The data is procured from your recent movement. It is a great feature of Google Maps that can be quite useful for you.

  • Pick the mode of transport

When you search for a particular location, Google Maps presents a range of transport modes that can be accessed by tapping the icon given at the bottom right of the screen. For example, there are options such as car, public transport, walking, cycle and others. Just by tapping the respective icon, you can check how much time it will take to reach to your destination using the chosen transport mode.

  • Save information with Wi-Fi only mode

As users can now download maps for offline usage, this feature is quite handy who are always on the go and encounter out of data issues.

Tap on the hamburger menu, go to Settings and choose the second option (if you’re on Google Maps version 9.32 or higher) which means Wi-Fi only. Toggle the switch to ensure that Google Maps only works when you’re on Wi-Fi, or otherwise uses your downloaded offline areas.

Share your current location

If you wish to share your location with your friend, Google Maps allows you even do that in no time. To share your location, go to Google Maps menu -> Share location, and then choose if you want to share it for a given period of time or until you disable the feature. You can then choose the contacts with whom you wish to share your location.

So use the Google map as your best buddy and guide to find your dream place and the most sought after hangout destination. Enjoy!!


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