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How to Update Your Android Firmware

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system and if you are using an Android phone, you must know that by timely updating you can choose to make the most out of it. For a large number of Android users, receiving updates on a timely basis is a big concern and they remain worried over the same.

Contrary to Apple OS, Android updates sometimes take too long to run on a device and even many devices don’t get updated for years or face some issues while updating. That may keep you anxious as without timely updating, your device may not work as smoothly as it should have been. Let’s check out how you can make sure that your Android device remains updated every time.

There are typically two ways to update your device: Over the Air (OTA) or Manual updates, which is a far more complicated. Let’s get to know both of them on various devices.

How to Run Automatic Updates

In general, the Android updates are released for all devices automatically, which uses OTA (over the air) feature. Android users get a notification about the update and they can easily download and install the same. If, for any reason, it isn’t being downloaded on your device or you unintentionally wiped off the notification, there is an option to check it manually. You can check the availability of an OTA update by jumping to About Device > System Updates > Check for Updates.

How to Run Manual Updates

This is indeed a good option for those who suffer from the problem of weak network or improper Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, users root their device and don’t get update notifications. For example, if you’ve Samsung Galaxy S5 and you have failed to get Android Nougat update, it is advised to go for custom ROMs such as Lineage OS.

  • Find a ROM

The first thing to do is to locate a ROM that you can install on your device. For an official ROM, browse through the websites of respective manufacturers and find the ROM best matching to your device. There are many firmware manufacturers that provide an easy way to get a custom ROM.

  • Install the ROM

To install the ROM on your device, you need to locate the particular program which is best for your brand of smartphone or go for a custom recovery, which requires your device to be unlocked and rooted. For more information about installing custom ROM, read below.

  • KIES – This program is primarily used to update Samsung devices. It permits the users to download and install the ROM from your PC to the device. KIES itself brings the firmware basis your device type and location.
  • Odin – This is another great program to install ROMs on Samsung devices. The best part of this is that you can install the ROM you’ve downloaded yourself.
  • Flash Tool – This tool is initially used to flash ROMs on Sony Xperia devices. Please note that this will only work on Xperia devices that come with their bootloader unlocked. At present, it’s in beta stages but works pretty well across most Windows PCs.  

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