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5 Major Features that Mid-Range Smartphones Must Have This Year

In today’s evolving smartphone market, people have some of the great smartphone features to choose from. But when it comes to getting the best features, high-end smartphones top the chart. For mid-range players, it’s the need of the hour to get these major features that are poised to make a major impact on their sales and add immense value for the buyers. The time has come for manufacturers to put these major features in mid-range smartphones in 2017 to give the segment a healthy boost. Let’s have a look at these features.

1. Android Nougat

The most disappointing thing about a mid-range smartphone buyer is getting out-dated software on a new device. Though the majority of manufacturers have started rolling out Marshmallow last year, there are many smartphones that still feature old software. Some of the examples are Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus, Meizu M3 Note, and the Micromax Canvas 6 Pro.

There’s no prominent reason why vendors can’t invest time in making the latest version of Android for any new hardware release so that it’s ready to rock. It would be impressive if manufacturers would support their mid-range phones at least as long as these are their leading models. Though some manufacturers are doing better than others, there are still too many lower cost phones that give up on software support too soon.

2. A USB Type-C Port

Similar to Nougat, there is no credible reason why mid-range smartphones don’t’ have USB Type-C port. The connectors and ICs aren’t really much costly and this technology gives buyers the benefit of having fast charging compatibility to handsets promptly.

At a time when Type-C digital headphones and other accessories are easily available in the market, there is no point in restricting this technology from the sale to buyers. The demand for this technology is sure to rise in near future.

3. Quick Charging

It is quite clear that fast charging needs to gain speed and become generic for all mid-range devices. If you’re not buying the latest flagship smartphones, it doesn’t mean that you won’t come across the need of fast-charging.

With mid-range smartphones generally shipping with smaller sized batteries yet slowly packing in more dominant processing and display hardware, fast charging is definitely a must-have feature in today’s mid-tier devices.

4. NFC and Mobile Payments

This is another big feature that must be a part of mid-range smartphones in 2017. Though this technology is useful for few things, it is simply wonderful in case of mobile payments. It is really disappointing that today’s mid-range phones don’t have this while three-generation old flagship models came loaded with this technology.

5. Dual Cameras

Though this feature is still new for some flagship manufacturers, it plays a major role in enhancing the overall package of mid-tier cameras. This is certain that it would need more processing power than a single camera device but this can easily be included in today’s mid-range smartphones.

For instance, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 653 and 617 boast of dual camera ISPs, as do the budget level 435 and 427 chipsets.


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