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5 Reasons Your Next Phone Should Run Stock Android

The custom versions of Android are nothing new particularly in the ages of operation system. Though many have lost their gleam over the years, smartphone manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Xiaomi still prefer customizing the user experience by modifying the Android code.

However, stock Android is unarguably the best version of Android. Below are few reasons that tend to ensure that your next smartphone runs stock Android.

  • Security

One of the major threats for Android users is the security loopholes the operating system carries. Since its inception, Android has been an easy target for hackers.  

While Google is proactive in developing patches for these flaws, it consumes a lot of time to roll out on devices with brand-specific versions of Android. Manufacturers need to customize updates based on their specific repetition of the operating system to ensure its compatibility. This interruption can increase security risks for users.

It is where stock Android moves ahead by posing lesser security threats. It is clean, fast and easy and most importantly Google has committed to monthly security updates for users.

  • Newest Version of Android And Google Apps

Another big issue with branded version of Android is that users complain of slow roll out of new updates. There are many instances where users received delayed updates from brands. A good but expensive option to deal with this is to buy a handset with the latest version.

Stock Android devices, on the other side, are meant to receive quicker updates post release. Like security updates, manufacturers don’t need to customize them for their handsets if they’re on stock Android. This makes the update process much quicker for users.

  • Less Duplication and Bloatware

There are different ways through which phone manufacturers modify original Android in order to create a custom layout. But their various apps are accompanied by the pre-installed Google apps.

Because of this, there emerges a major amount of app duplication. Google has Chrome, while your manufacturer gives you their specific internet browser. Gmail is generally accompanied by the phone manufacturer’s own email client app, while Google Play is often accompanied by the brand’s own app store.

Stock Android, on the other hand is the ideal form of Android that presents things directly without any clutter.

  • Enhanced Performance and More Storage

Branded version of Android might carry bloatware that affects the performance and battery life of your smartphone. However, Google made updates recently to improve Android that include battery optimization.

Storage issue is another common problem with branded-version of Android. Uses end up with only one option and that is to uninstall the apps to free up the space.

  • User Choice

One of the major advantages of stock Android is that the main apps are far fewer in number;this means they can what they can actually use.

In the beginning, stock Android has been critiqued for not having the same feature as other versions of the operating system. But Android is becoming increasingly advanced with worthy shortcuts and different optimization options.


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