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6 Best Virtual Reality Games For Your Mobile

Virtual reality is the hottest area of interest nowadays and companies are investing millions of dollars. Most of the investment is taking place in the gaming space. There are now powerful headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive offering benefits of tons of gaming content to enjoy.  

These gaming headsets are pretty expensive even at the most discounted price. So if you are looking for a budget VR option, you have a fantastic option of mobile VR games. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear are cheaper and having a VR experience is totally feasible. So check out these awesome virtually reality games.


  • Adventure Time: I See VR (Cardboard)


Cartoon network animated television network enjoys a lot of popularity among viewers. That has prompted the company to come up with the virtual reality version of the game Adventure Time: I See Ooo VR. It’s highly polished game and you’ll enjoy a lot.  


  • InMind


Can you imagine travelling in the labrynth of mind seeking to find physical abnormalities? Does it sound like a doctor game? Nope, it’s like unique arcade shooter which helps you remove problems so that your brain remains healthy. This game supports Google Cardboard and comes absolutely free.


  • Hidden Temple VR Adventure (Cardboard, Gear VR)


Though the title includes Hidden Temple, but it has nothing to do with the Nickelodeon’s classic Legends of the Hidden Temple game show, which people expect to be added by the Netflix. The adventure offers a great virtual reality experience and immersive experience with impressively rendered visuals. So you’ll have Indian Jones setup to enjoy.  


  • VR Noir


Though VR is an immersive experience in itself, but it the best experience comes when it’s is story –driven. VR Noir is one such game. It’s one of the best virtual reality games available now. It delivers a cinematic experience and transcends pure gaming. There is a top notch voice experience and the narrative is just absorbing.  It’s a top pick for mobile VR — and it’s free.


  • Vanguard V (Cardboard, Gear VR)


Are you looking for an excellent VR shooter? You can try out Vanguard V which is the kind of a rail shooter that employs a third person perspective. You will find the title fast paced, but its slightly on the shorter side. This epic title is fast-paced but a bit on the shorter side. Since many VR mobile games don’t take much time.

The visuals are of high quality and the audio quality is phenomenal. Soundtrack is also nice , though controls are slightly challenging and requires a lot of muscle. That’s a big headache.


  • Proton Pulse (Cardboard, Gear VR)


It hails from ZeroTransform, which is the same company behind Vanguard V, Proton Pulse is far more intense than the earlier BlackBerry days. It has intuitive control and mesmerizing colors.   


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