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Best Android Music Players of 2012

In this section we will present the best Android Music Players for your Android Devices, there we have many applications that you have the potential to install and to play your favorite songs, but like other applications only some of them can give us the most power to the maximum.

We will share for you a list with 10 applications that we consider being all the best, isn’t  “top Music Players for Android” but is a list with  random music players applications that we consider being the best is a list of applications that you can put them and enjoy their facilities constantly updated by their developers. An key thing is that applications not always are compatible with all versions of Android OSand that why when you chose one application for install in your device, you should confirm with which Android version is compatible. If you want in the future another list with the best music players for Android, we will make other article with this topic, please use the comments section to share with us other applications that you think is the best for listen music with our Android smartphones or tablets, and we will try to update it. Some of these players presented below are free, and others are paid versions, you will be the people who decide which application is the best for your Android device.

 N7player Music Player for Android

This Music player named n7player has been developed by N7 Mobile and is an innovative 3D mp3 music player for Android, it comes with many functions and features, has a distinctive user interface fully multi-touchable album covers wall. The n7player player support multiple audio formats like mp3, m4a, 3gp, mp4, m4a, mix, ogg, waw, xmf, mid, mkv(4.0+), aac (3.1+), flac (3.1+). The UI for the user gives the possibility to view the artist names and the songs playing are transformed into albums. This application is the perfect choice when it comes to want to hear songs in your android, many consider the n7player to be brilliant, we’ll let you discover and share with us your experience. In Google Play Store, this application holds a score of 4.7 and has 60,000 voters around the world. If you’ll decide to install and use n7player app, then first you can install its Trial version for 14 days period until the trial version will be expire and after that you should use the n7player Full Version Unlocker. Over 5 million users installed the n7player Music Player for Android, and this number grow up every day.

You can download free N7player Music Player from Google Play Store and follow this link or to download n7player Full Version Unlocker from here.

 Neutron Music Player for Android

Neutron is a professional music player for Android has a excellent audio quality with 32 or 64 bit rendering, this player has a unique User Interface and give us an higher controls, this player is compatible with all Android devices that use Android 2.2 and later version of Android OS. With this player, you have the option to playing lots of audio formats, and it is handy to streaming audio with the help of metadata, file songs format like ASX, PLS, MP3, MP4, 3GP, there are several functions such dithering (audio quality improvement by elimination of quantization in signal), Phase Inversion, Looped playback, Real-time RMS bar, Smart CPU/Battery consumption, Highly customizable through Settings, unicode tags. Neutron music player comes with the same UI and functions like applications designed for a desktop computer, so if you’re familiar with a player for a desktop PC, then you will notice this application truly closer by you. It has an evaluation version, and this version is free you can download Neutron Music Player for Android trial version , but you can also buy the Neutron paid version for $5, and in this version you’ll have all features available.

Poweramp Music Player for Android

PowerAMP is a powerful music player for Android devices, it supports a lot of formats out there like mp3, mp4,flac, wav, ape, mpc, ogg wma, has a 10 band equalizer, separate powerful Bass and in the same manner Treble adjustment, have an excellent possibility to plays songs from on library and from folders, with  UI visual themes which including support for external/3rd party skins, this music player feel more and more downloads, until now has around 50,000,000 installations and the number growing up day by day. The Pweramp app has free / trial version with tons of contains tons of features and functions, and in case you want this app, you can upgrade to the full version. After 15 days, the trial period will expire and if you want to enjoy still further to this application you need to upgrade the full version. Download Poweramp from Play Store install it, and if you have some opinions about this music player for android, please share with us using our comment section.

MixZing Music Player for Android

MixZing is a powerful and powerful music player for the android devices and has a lot of features, It has Music ID identifies for your songs files, one of the important function is the possibility to displays lyrics for tons of songs, graphic equalizer for AAC/M4A,MP3, OGG files, save playlists automatically and the restore function for deleted lists, Lock-screen widget and sleep timer. There are just some of the many features that has it this application, MixZing is available for download by Play Store and the current version is 3.7.2, but comes with upgrades always from the own developers..

 Real Player for Android

Real Player is an extremely popular application for play music, has an intuitive UI with many widgets, equalizer, Voice commands for search, auto bookmarking of videos and songs, RealAudio and RealVideo (rmvb) support. The Real Player is compatible with Android OS, and there are not any problems if you use Gingerbread or Jelly Bean.The number of installations is impressionist around 50,000,000and proceed from the users 4.3 Average rating.

If you want to download Real Player for your Android device you can download it from Google Play Store or following the next link.

 Winamp for Android

Everybody know this application, because is an extremely popular music player around the world, and a strong advantage is there we have a free version for Android device. This mobile version it is true compatible with any Android OS, and this makes it a truly powerful application for play and listen your favorite music songs. It has support library import from ITunes, the winamp application support any music files, free Wireless Syncing, artist info Bios, it’s available in 14 Languages and so on, it has support for iTunes library import, it can be used to listen to thousands of different radio stations because it features the SHOUTcast feature. As you already know, the Winamp app is capable of playing any audio file, and if you’re planning of improving the Winamp for Android experience then you can use the in-app support and add the ‘Lyrics’ functions, ‘Album washer’ and the Pro Bundle files and get the full program. However, all these functions are already present in other apps listed in this article without the need of you paying for them. But, if you need to get a stable app that is capable of playing any files then Winamp is the one for you.

It is easy to use, and you can choose from up to 14 different languages which are supported by it. It packs two different widgets, which can be added to your phone’s home screen. Another principal function is the Wi-fi syncing that you can use to sync Winamp  with the desktop versions. Always the own developers proceed with the latest updates, to improve with the new functions this application, and the latest updates were in October 31, 2012 and that require to be at the 1.4.1 version for Android OS, the minimum requires Android OS is 2.1 and up, the number of installations is around 50,000,000.

If you want to download winamp music player for Android you can download it form here.

This is the latest list with the best music players for Android in 2012, we will add other Android music players and if you have a music player application for Android you can use our comment section to let your purpose.




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