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Carmageddon Goes Free On The Play Store, Brings Ads And Bugs With Its Latest Update

There are just three reasons why a paid app or game goes free on the Play—either developer is doing charity; developer has discarded it and his monetization model of the app has changed. First two are somehow acceptable scenario, but the third one is extremely annoying.

Carmageddon falls in the last category whether you like it or not. The game with price tag of $1.99 is now completely free, you should be happy normally, but to your disappointment the free game comes with annoying ads and bugs. The game suddenly freezes and another camera free version keeps popping up off and on.

Many users have complained that after the update the game has a horrible loading time and people are not able to play this on even the latest operating system.

Granted, the game’s changelog explains, “If you’re having an issue with sound not playing or the application crashing on launch please make sure your OS is up-to-date.”

However, it is meaningless as you can’t really play the game as the older version is often crashing. But what does that mean? Those users who see the latest update on how to play Carmageddon, this is really a bad excuse.


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