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How to Create Your Own Gifs on Facebook

Lately, Facebook has been pushing video content on their platform. The built-in GIF creator is the latest feature added to the Facebook camerafor users to be capable to create their own GIFs. GIFs were first introduced to users in 2015 by being allowed them to paste the URL of a GIF from aFacebook external site. And later in 2015 GIFs were introduced in the form of seven second videos for the profile pictures.

However, they weren’t met with much interest as the majority of users remain to the profile photos use. Facebook then came up with the introduction of GIFs in their Messenger app which have turned out to be very popular as users have sent out approximatively 25,000 GIFs per minute and from the time when it was launched last year more than 13 billion GIFs were sent out.

Last month we receive the ability to add GIFs to our comments and now the social media giant is adding the ability to create our own GIFs in a super easy way. Still, there’s a catch. For now, Facebook is testing the new feature on a restricted number of users in the US and UK. However, the GIF creator option will get a full release to all Facebook users soon, especially now that GIF format has huge popularity among users. In case you are a lucky user to be selected to test the new feature, below you will find out what you should do to.

How to Create Your Own Gifs

You will be able to create your own GIFs, using the Facebook camera on your device. The built-in GIF feature lets you record something using the camera like you would for a video, but this time it’s limited to a few seconds.

You will find all the effects and frames you expect to find on the Facebook camera. You can then choose to post your new created GIF to your Facebook profile, your Facebook story, or save it to your device. In order to reach to the Facebook GIF creator you just need to swipe left to access the Facebook camera as this is an option within the Facebook camera app. At top, you will see two options ‘’Normal’’ and ‘’GIF’’. You just need to select ‘’GIF’’ and you will be on your way.

If you don’t see it there, for the moment, don’t worry because this new option is in the test phase and only a limited number of Facebook users can find it available in their Facebook camera app.  We expect from Facebook the roll out of GIF support to every usersoon.

You can still use a different app to create GIFs, in case you don’t have the Facebook GIF creator option yet because there are several other apps already available that you can create GIFs with.


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