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Headphone Jack Not Working: 5 Possible Solutions

So you want to listen to your favorite track but what if your headphones don’t show up. There could be nothing more depressing that this. It is important to note that headphone problems aren’t uncommon as you might think. This happens to a lot of users and can be truly annoying particularly for those who love listening to their favorite music on a daily basis.

But there are always solutions available to this problem. Let’s know about them in the following paragraphs.


  • Check If Your Headphones Are Not Damaged


This is quite evident. To get confirmation on this part, it is recommended to plug in your headphone into another device not necessarily a smartphone. If you’re unable to get the audio, the problem is in front of you. Just replace your headphones and that’s it. If they do work with a different device, something else is to blame, which means you have to try out one of the other fixes listed below.

It is also suggested that you use a different pair of headphones into your smartphone to check if they work. Though it’s rare, there are chances that they might not be fully compatible to your device for any reason but may go well with other devices.


  • Check If The Smartphone Is Connected To A Different Device Via Bluetooth


If you’ve paired your smartphone with a Bluetooth wireless headphone, a speaker or any other Bluetooth device, it’s possible that your headphone jack is disabled. Generally, when you plug in your headphones the smartphone should read them and work in the usual way irrespective of the Bluetooth settings. However, this isn’t truly always the case.

If you find everything alright, you can choose to restart your smartphone as this can be a solution to many problems. Just press and hold the power button, choose the restart option, wait for the device to turn back on, and check to see if the problem still persists.


  • Clean the Headphone Jack


Over a period of time, headphone jacks get exposed to dust, link that may be the reason for problems. This is because dirt may obstruct the connection between your smartphone and the headphones. Spare some time and clean it properly. You can make the use of a flash light and soft brush to clean the headphone jack. Make sure not to use any sharp object for cleaning as it could make more damage to the jack.


  • Check Audio Settings And Restart Device


Many times, any changes in the audio settings of your smartphones emerge out as the main culprit. To correct this, go to the audio settings of your device and check the volume level along with other settings to check if everything is correct.

If everything seems fine, choose to restart your device. Just switch off your phone and turn it on again.


  • Visit the Repair Center


If all the above given solutions don’t seem working well, it’s time to visit a nearest repair center to get the problem sorted. Though you may need to pay for it, but this could be the ultimate solution to the problem.


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