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Download APN Backup & Restore for Android and save APN settings

If you want to save your APN settings, the APN Backup & Restore application is the perfect solution for that, in this article you will find the download link and a short tutorial about how to use the APN Backup & Restore application on your Android device. If you’re running the Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich then the application is compatible with your devices.

This app allows you to make a full export for APN settings, and after you’ll change the ROM, you will be able to restore-reinsert the correct APN settings.

APN Backup & Restore application for Android 4.0 ICE Cream Sandwich, have a special installation, you should  install app as a system application, after you download the application, and you should  place it on this location on your device SD card:


In another location if it is stored, the APN settings cannot be restore. First you need to backup, and the APN Backup & Restore will save your APN settings as an XML file. If you want to be sure that you back-up the correct APN stored value then only click ‘backup APNs’, this will save your APN settings, and now tap the menu button and after select ‘send by email’, in this step you should choose your email account and send your APN settings save to your Inbox email.

After the backup is done, when you complete a new custom ROM installation on your device you only need to click ‘Restore APNs’ and select from the options displayed the latest save.  Also, you can alternatively to open your email, and if you already sent the APN save on your Inbox email, then you can very easy to download the specific file and place it on your internal SD card on your Android device.

The next step is to Open App Backup & Restore and loads the save APN settings.

The application is free to download and it is a perfect solution for restore the correct APN settings, and with this solution, after the custom ROM installation you will be able to connect on the internet.

Download App Backup & Restore for Android APK from here.

After install it on your device, confirm the installation and after that, you’ll be free to use it and save your APN carrier settings for your phone device based on Android Operating System.

Note: When you performing data wipe and factory reset actions exist a risk to loss of all important settings on your device, and with this application, you will prevent your device from browsing on the internet.




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