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How to Reset Android phones to Increase Space and Speed

When you restore your device software back to the previous version which was there when you had purchased the device this means that you made a factory reset. Generally, we speak about  two types of reset options for your android device:

  • The first method is Soft Reset:

With this method, you reset your device to the factory default version and format the SD card, and with this method, you increase the storage space. When the reset is done you win the speed of for your device. The soft reset method doesn’t require special assistance from an expert.

  • The second method is: Hard Reset

When the soft reset is not possible, or has other interruption problems, in this case you should make hardware reset with your device. A hard reset for your phone has a special procedure that include some codes or a specific way to format. This method requires some technical skills to do it in an easy way.  In fact, this method is like reinstalling a new operating system on your personal PC.

If you apply the second hard reset method, the data on your SD card still remains intact and if you want to format the SD card, in that case you need to follow other process to format it.

On this method, the hardware reset, you need to redownload your apps and your settings.

To get a hardware reset for your device, you can follow this procedure:

First turn off your smartphone.

Now press and keep holding HOME button and RED power button for 30 seconds until you see a triangle sign with an exclamation mark in the center of a triangle. Keep holding it untill the G1 logo is displayed.

Now you have to follow four combination code options:

  1. ALT + L– this combination toggle log text display between exclamation and menu options.
  2. ALT + S- this combination applies SD card Update.
  3. ALT + W – this combination wipe data and factory reset.
  4. HOME + BACK- apply for reboot of your smartphone device.

If you hard reset your device phone, you need to re-register your mobile phone. The complete hard reset is done when you have forgotten the Lock Pattern or the Unlock Password.



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