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How to Take a screenshot on the HTC One S Android Device

The HTC users who have HTC One S devices now can take screenshots with their smartphone and you will learn how to do it.

When you have a problem with your device or want to take a print screen with an error, you can easily create a screenshot.

Follow the bellow next steps to learn how to take a screenshot with your HTC One S

How to take a screenshot on HTC One S:

  1. Chose the screen to take a screenshot for it.
  2. Now, press and keep holding the ‘volume down’ and ‘power’ buttons at the same time.
  3. Wait until a shutter sound is emitted, you will be notified with a pop-up window. This pop-up now will be automatically minimized to the navbar.
  4. You will find a message that advises you that  the chosen image has been automatically saved. Press it and you will be taken the print screen.
  5. Now, if you want to share this image with your friends, only select the image and then hit the ‘share’ icon.
  6. Confirm this and if you have a connection with the internet the image will be share.

That’s all you have successfully created and sent a screenshot on HTS on S smartphone.

Please use our comments section if you didn’t understand the above instructions.



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