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Now It’s Time to Ditch Google Maps

No doubt Google Maps is the most preferred navigation platform for users, but that does not means it’s flawless. Waze app is more accurate when it comes to traffic and navigation route information, and many more information. The app offers a reliable alternative for Google Maps. It’s superior to Google Maps, and certainly in terms of rich visuals. You may not be knowing it however that Waze is also owned by Google. It also offers some features which is not available with your default navigation app.

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You can set reminders in Google to leave for appointments, but I often find it unreliable as it does not take into account the traffic situation that time.  Waze, on that front, is more useful as it takes into account the fact that how long it will take to get from point A to point B during rush hour. You can set the time of leaving, entering your destination, tapping the later button, and scroll through to set the time in order to arrive. It plots a graph of how bad the traffic is on your route.

After you set up the arrival time,  tap Save, and Waze will send a notification at the scheduled time. You can also integrate your Google or Facebook calendars with Waze settings menu to get automatic alerts for future events.

Use Waze’s “Send ETA” When you’re Running Late

You can easily tell your friend that you are running late or behind the schedule. Tap Send ETA to activate Android sharing dialog. That will let your friend or family members know that you are on way. However, you need to be registered to Waze account .

Use Waze For Finding The Cheapest, Closest Gas

Find gas stations along your route with Waze.

You’re  running short on fuel, well Waze can help you find the nearest location for filling gas or fuel. Then, tap on your destination and Add a stop. After that , tap on the gas station icon. This gives you a list of gas stations on your route.  You can also customize your gas station search result, but you should be logged into Waze, go to the settings menu. Scroll toward the bottom, and tap Gas Stations & prices. Now you can customize it.

Use Waze’s Speedometer to Avoid Getting Pulled Over

Set your speed so that you’re never breaking the law. If you’re afraid of overspeeding and want to slow down, ask Waze to do it. It can drive a speed alarm if you cross a limit.  Go in the settings, under Speedometer, set the speed limit when you want the alarm to ring. Speedometer will display the speed limit in your area.  However this feat


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