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SwiftKey Launches APP To Find Out Your Next Emoji

Swiftkey announced a new keyboard app and it has the ability to predict your next emoji. But it’s not a Taylor Swift themed sticker pack. The new app saves you from finding out the next perfect emoji for every message so it can help a lot in mobile messaging. So we can say that machine learning and neural intelligence are here to stay. Google Assistant is a great example of that. Now SwiftKey is ready to surprise customers with its ready to be launched product. It has finished one year pilot test of neural network keyword and you can expect it to be launched soon. SwiftKey is a Microsoft subsidiary that uses a prediction model similar to human communication. This often finishes of sentences the way you humans tend.

SwiftKey had rolled out this feature last year October and if you have missed it, you will not be able to do it now. The purpose behind the alpha launch of the keyboard is that the company has been able to remove the worst of its bugs. The purpose of the keyboard to allow its users to save from few keystrokes. Google has already launched its keyword so it will be interesting to see how SwiftKey differentiates itself.

Tech Crunch in its review says that: “While typing the word ‘feminists’ included the crying tears of laugher face, the sleeping face, the unimpressed face, the rolling eyes face, the hmm/thinking emoji and the medical mask face among the predictions. So, on aggregate, a rather negative visual assessment.” Emoji discovery is not a new thing and many companies are doing it recently. Even Apple has done it with iOS 10.

However, you need to be careful as often it finds out offensive emoji recommendations. Download  Swiftmoji from the App Store and Google Play now.


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