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It’s Time to Do More with Your Google Home

Google Home is certainly one of the most amazing apps introduced by the company and it’s the time you must know everything about it to make the most out of it.

Google Home – Your best buddy

If you can’t think of a hassle-free life without Google, Google Home must be at your side. Just with the help of a few voice commands, you can explore loads of stuff and make your life tad easier. From searching the right information to watching your favorite video, you can do much more. Let’s know what it offers for you to make your life spicy.

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#1 Listen to music

This is definitely much more effective than just a speaker. You can use the Google Cast feature to stream Play Music, Spotify, or other Cast-enabled apps right to your Home device. For added convenience, you won’t have to touch your phone to make things happen. You can pause music and resume it just with the tap at your Google Home.

#2 Replace desktop speakers

Google Cast comes in-built with Google Chrome. It simply means that you can use it for your next podcast or playlist, especially if you don’t have good quality speakers.

# 3 Locate your phone

It is the magic of IFTTT that makes Google Home effective in many ways. One wonderful feature is its ability to track your phone in case you’ve misplaced it in your home. Just ask Google Home to find your phone and it will receive a phone call.

Though you need to verify your number to enable it. It’s worth investing your time and it’s really helpful.

# 4 Manage your lights

Another great feature of Google Home is its voice-controlled hub for all your smart devices. For example, you can change the color of your lights, turn them off or on during night. There are various IFTTT methods for lights, including a very simple “OK Google, good night” for when you’re on your way to bed.

# 5 Touch for your wishes

If you don’t want to use voice command for Google Home, there are some hidden commands available as well. For example, just tap once to awaken your Google Home or to pause and resume a broadcast. To adjust volume, just slide your finger to the side. As it is offered by Google, you can expect to get future updates and functionalities.

# 6 Shop easily

It is really a boon for those shopping fanatics who are always ready with their shopping buckets. Google Home just made it easy for them to shop what they want. The Google Assistant will create a separate note in Keep labeled “Google Assistant shopping list”. Whenever you need to include items, just tell your Home “OK Google add milk to my shopping list” and it will be right there.

# 7 Chromecast adds fun

With Google Home, you can simply create a fabulous television viewing experience. If you have a Chromecast, there are various commands that can be used to play TV. Even you can ask it for specific videos without using any remote control.


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