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Check Out These Best Apps With Custom Quick Settings Tiles for Android Nougat 7.0

In Android Nougat, Quick Setting is undoubtedly a great feature, however, most users ignore it.  However, Android app developers can integrate a button or toggle this app into the inherent quick settings shade.
This tends to help folks the most of it as they get to enjoy one-touch access in the form of a particular action or a toggle to activate or deactivate a feature. This way, they won’t have to jump from one app to another or encounter several menu options.

How it can be done

Just swipe down the top bar using two fingers and you can access Quick Settings that contains a lot of stuff for Android lovers. From turning on the flashlight to disable data connection, there are multiple things to do right here.

If you wish to change the stuff here, touch the pencil icon given at the top of the screen.
You’ll notice some options that are meant to perform a specific function, such as turning on a wireless hotspot, casting the screen, or enabling Data Saver mode.

When the app is installed that comes with its own tile, its icon would get visible there when you choose to edit the menu.

Let’s start

There are a great variety of apps available to be used as a feature in Quick Settings. One popular app is ‘Auto Shazam’ which just enables the always-listening ability in the music recognition functionality; so you can always discover what’s playing around in just one tap.

Similarly, for productivity-conscious folks, Todoist is here. Just tap it and it will enable your keyboard that can be used to type for your to-do list.

Spotify enthusiasts will love the tile for Offline mode. One must need to get a premium subscription for this feature, which sticks to music that’s saved on your phone.

Some other popular apps are there to help you make the most of it. For example, Flamingo for Twitter comes with a button for creating a tweet, which is a rational and rather apparent when you want to send a thought around.

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Another wonderful app is Wakey, which is used to keep your screen in infinity until you disable the setting. One can change the time period for which the screen would remain on. However, it could be really annoying if you’re using your phone for presentations.

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If you like using VPN, then VPN by Private Internet Access may be a nice choice. The app’s quick tile will allow you to launch directly into a new VPN session.

Overall, these apps give an easier option to users in the form of instant launch without the need to go through various menus. There is a lot that can be done in this regard to make it even more appealing and powerful. Hope you would have find this article useful. In case you have some unique information, share with us below the comment box given below.


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