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Discover a New World with the Best Apps and Games for Your Daydream VR

Undoubtedly Google’s Daydream has shown promise to become the most sought after VR platform. It has come up with a nicely built, easy- to -use and smart remote that allows people to discover a new world by indulging into a fabulous VR experience. And there is no restriction of attaching it to just one hardware manufacturer. Though Google enjoys an unparalleled competitive edge in the market, there are various other titles that could be worth exploring. Let’s have a look at them.

YouTube VR (Free)

The world’s most popular video sharing platform captures the attention by converting any video into a universal experience. This is done by expanding it around your vision and presenting more options. The best outcomes are 360-degree videos that tend to deliver a spectacular VR experience to viewers.

Lego BrickHeadz Builder VR (Free)

Many folks misinterpret it as a kid’s game but actually it’s not. Instead, it can awaken our child’s nerve by creating joy in the form of three-dimensional objects. You will find a “magic book” that’s meant to guide you throughout the game. As there are no in-app upgrades to deal with, you can just download the app and start playing. However, it is not meant for kids below 13 years of age.

Hunter’s Gate ($5.99)

This is a game that entices not just because of its personalized environment but due to its 3-D board. There are two characters to choose from. They have to traverse through a dark and dangerous world filled with monsters. There are various difficult levels that one needs to cross through. Overall, this game performs perfectly well in virtual reality.

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NYT VR (Free)

This app was available with Cardboard, but it’s more engaging and delivers deeper discovery in the form of Daydream. It is simply amazing as you would find yourself standing in front of ‘The Great Mosque in Mecca’ along with many minor details around.

Danger Goat ($5.99)

The reason it is named “Danger Goat” is its playful environment and puzzle-style gameplay. The fun-filled graphics enable you to discover more using your skills.

During the game, you would have to handle various objects to set the goat free. The game throws many surprises that would make it a lot more interesting and play on VR adds an icing on the cake.

Star Chart VR (Free)

This is one of the old apps that entertained people on their smartphones. Just use your phone to parse the sky and enjoy a precise view of the constellations. Now get set to experience the same magic with Star Chart VR. This way, you can give new ways to your inner astronaut and find new galaxies around.

Google Street View (Free)

Though Street view is pretty much common, its VR version delivers a breath-taking experience. One can choose to explore prominent places across the globe such as historic monuments, national parks, and high-rise buildings. However, one can use the search function and check out your nearest coffee shop and “walk” around it using the Daydream headset.


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