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4 Powerful Android Music Widgets That You Will Love

Music is one of the most important widgets of smartphone home screen. There is a problem, however, that popular music streaming widgets don’t look great. They have ugly buttons; they don’t resize well and also don’t gel properly with the wallpaper theme.  

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The role of music widgets is running your notifications and pulling your current track information from them. That means these third-party music widgets can see text message notifications and other sensitive notifications. So you need to be very careful while installing them. Here is a list of few trusted android music widgets for your phone:

  • Jack’s Music Widget (Free, $1.99) is a popular yet simple music widget which you can trust to use for your phone. With few tricks in your sleeve, it can be put above third party apps. The biggest advantage with Jack is that it offers numerous styles for its widgets including color style. You can also use transparent styles. It can pull in playback information and control which means one playback widget can control music, YouTube, or Netflix.

  • KWGT (Free, $2.99) is WYSIWYG widget editors that can help you create your own widgets from scratch thus you have better control. With this widget, you can have extra degree of control in handling. You can rewind or stop the player.

  • Material Music Komponent (Free) can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It is free but is packed with many powerful features. It has set layouts and you can perfectly customize colors so that it is possible to match the color of widget with the wallpaper.

  • Poweramp Music Player has been developed by Max Mp and it’s one of the best and powerful music widget on the Google Playstore. It plays in all format such as .ogg, .flac, and .mp3. Its equalizer setting is very powerful as there are default 10 separate bands of equalizers. If you like only bass and treble, you can find a separate Settings menu which can be found on the bottom. There are other features such as cross fade, gapless and replay gai.  It’s an attractive widget which allows you to forward, play, and pause the sound from the main screen.

  • TSF Music Widget has been developed by TSFUI Company. It has a great interface with 3D interface. You can fold/ unfold a picture in the 3D album. It allows you to choose or change the songs by changing the album pictures.


Most of these are paid music widgets, but they are worth the price. After all, quality never comes cheap. So if you are fed up with your music widget, it’s time to dump them. If you haven’t tried a third-party music widget, shed your fear and use them from the provided list. You won’t repent your decision for sure. They will enhance your music listening experience to a whole new level. What else do you want. Have you started downloading the widget? Its time to do it now.


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