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Gmail v6.11 Alters the Way Quoted Emails Appear

Gmail users, it is time to take notice. Gmail v6.11, the latest version of Gmail has altered the way quoted emails appear when a reply is being typed. This leaves the interface cleaner but less intuitive. A download link at the bottom of the post will help in case if the user requires help regarding the latest update.

Email clients generally include the quotes by default and there is a string of methods to keep the quotes out of the way.Google does the same thing on the web by putting the quote beneath a little ellipsis (three dots in a row). If you want to view the quotes, just double-click on the symbol and you will be able to see it all.

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Gmail for Android makes the quote appear in a different manner. However, though the quote is visible, the keyboard would practically hide it. Before several versions, a checkbox was used to toggle whether to retain the quote, while another button would convert the quote to inline text. This would make it easier for the user. Google, however, in its latest version, has preferred to match the web interface rather than toggle.

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When you tap on the ellipsis, it will expand and quoted text will become visible. If you want to do away with the quote, long-press the ellipsis and thereafter tap the ‘delete’ option. Most users won’t find it easy to reply inline.

The new minimalist interface removes visual distractions, but also hides the ability to do away with an unwanted quote. It has also seemingly disabled the ability to convert it to an inline reply. Gmail has taken a long and different direction. A few versions back, a checkbox was added to toggle whether the quote should be kept and inline text to manage detailed replies.

The latest version, however, has done away with that behavior.


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