One Plus 3T Review: Not a Compelling Offer Than the Old OnePlus 3

OnePlus launched with its maiden offering only after six months of announcing the phone. This is named as OnePlus 3T which is a turbo version of OnePlus 3. However, it is not the successor of this phone. The phone has been launched to provide better experience for their consumers over other phone.


The design of the phone is similar to the other phone of the company with same full metal unibody construction. It has a slightly curved back, rounded side and corners. The phone is light despite being made by metal. You will find it easier to hold. This is not a taller or wider phone, but has a 5.5 inch display.

The phone has come up in gold variant and there is another option in gunmetal silver which is a slightly expensive model. It has 128 GB of internal storage and 64 GB of on-board storage.

Build quality is not an issue with this phone. The power button and volume rocker are on the left and right side. The buttons are easier to press. Volume rocker has a very useful Notification slider.  There is a headphone jack, USB-C port and single speaker unit at the bottom. Back key is on the left side of the phone and recent keys are on the right side.


There is hardly any change in display from the older version since OnePlus 3T has 5.5-inch AMOLED display having a 1080p resolution. Having an AMOLED screen allows the phone to get rich and vibrant colors along with a lot of contrast.

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The phone does not have a brightness and sharpness problem and even if there is it is not noticeable. It has not moved to Quad HD as VR isn’t mainstream enough to justify the jump.


There is not a much difference between OnePlus 3 and the 3T, but performance difference is there.  OnePlus 3T has new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor at 2.35 GHz, which is faster than the Google Pixel smartphones. The 3T retains the 6 GB of RAM that is also available with the OnePlus 3.

The performance of the phone is simply amazing. The lower resolution helps it to perform better and faster. Transition between one app to another smooth and snappy. 6 GB of RAM helps it to do multitasking.


64 GB and 128 GB are two internal storage options are available and if it is a concern users can opt for the higher variant as expandable storage via microSD card not being available. 128 GB model comes in the new gunmetal color.


The new variant is more focused on a front-faced shooter which is now a 16 MP unit double to the capacity of 8 MP sensor of OnePlus 3. The rear camera has the same 16 MP unit. The front-facing camera has a f/2.0 aperture that enables to take you a selfie in low-light conditions. Software

The phone is running on the latest Oxygen OS 3.5.1 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. You get a very stock Android look and feel here.

Final thoughts

The new OnePlus 3T adds depth in certain areas and remains the same old phone in many other areas. This is not a compelling phone to switch to the new phone. Improvements are good, but the overall experience is not very much different from other phone.


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